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2023.12.31 - 2023 WAS NOT A GOOD YEAR.
  Our house has been without power since mid-April, and we lost access to our sewing machines.
We need take care of some medical issues and other things.
So, please bear with us, we may not be able to accept orders until the middle of 2024.

  All Worlds Wayfarer: a quarterly literary magazine specializing in character-and-theme-driven speculative fiction.
Issue 11: winter solstice 2021 -the most fantastical yet- features 16 stories spanning the speculative fiction spectrum.
Included in this issue is the short story Free-Time - a glimpse into the life of one of Rhyanon's contemporaries.

Now available from Kindle eBooks.

  The Abrasax Chronicles - Book 7 - Woman Out Of Time by Daniel Mickle is now available.
Steve worked with Dan on a couple chapters -- in which we get a glimpse of Miriakon efforts to rescue the passengers and crew of the ill-fated transport that Rhyanon was aboard at the beginning of DotV.
Available online as paperback and ebook -- Additionally, we'll have paperback copies of his books for sale at shows.

  Medical issues still linger - but not stopping us.
So, please look around. Sorry for not posting this sooner.
We lost our good friend, Dan Mickle, last year to cancer.
We'll complete the final editing, and get his Last Book -- Book 7 -- published soon.

2016.03.21 - MILLENNICON -- R.I.P.
  It's a shame that the convention died due to thoughtlessness of some attendees.
Fans rarely recognize that getting a room at the convention hotel helps pay for use of the conference facilities.
On the last day of the show, a member of Con-Staff was heard saying that the con would have been continued
-- until he heard an attendee bragging about how they were saving a couple bucks by staying at another hotel.
The convention was being charged a hefty fee for use of the facilities due to inadequate occupancy.
The charge for use of the conference facilities depends on the number of room-nights the convention brings in.

  We need take care of some medical issues.
So, please bear with us, we may not be able to accept orders until the new year.

2012.11.23 - WE"RE MOVING AGAIN (Hello from Circle City)
  Thanks to the budget battles in DC, Nova Engineering is no more and Steve has landed a new job in Indianapolis.
We're back to living amidst a forest of boxes in our new place on the other side of the tracks from Southport, IN.

Please note the change of address and bear with us if processing orders is a bit slowed for the next month, or so.

2011.07.16 - PHONE CHANGE
  We've changed our phone number. Now: (513) 829-5684
We found our previous number used to be the FAX line for the local Adecco Staffing office (they moved).
   -and for over two years, a lot of websites can't be bothered to update their info.
We've had enough of having to unplug the phone at night.
   -getting woke up at 3:am by a stupid FAX machine is a whole lot of NOT fun.

  After many years of holding the line,
we've had to adjust pricing on the griffin chubs, gargoyles, and freeway-flats (road-kills).

2010.03.12 - WE'RE MOVING AGAIN! [just in cyberspace this time]
  new web address:
In its infinite wisdom (or lack thereof), the new AT&T has decided it isn't going to let dial-up customers have personal webpages (PWP) - like ours. They're shutting down AT&T Worldnet Services and offering dial-up customers an email-only service in its place.
DSL customers get to keep their wepages -but they don't offer DSL in our area.
It's just dial-up customers that get treated as second-class citizens.  [Oh, and they're raising the price, too.]
So, we're moving to Cincinnati Bell's Fuse.Net service (email and a webpage at a lower price).
  [getting more for less, pretty sweet deal.]
Please bear with us during the transistion.
AT&T tells us our Worldnet website will be taken off-line at the end of March 2010.

  We've resumed business. [at the moment, we're at Dragon*Con]
Still unpacking from the move back to Ohio, life at home is like living amidst a forest of boxes.
So, please bear with us if processing orders is a bit slow while we get settled into our new place in Fairfield. The movers did a rather ad-hoc job of packing, and finding the right box when looking for something in particular has been a challenge.
  The movers say it'll be just like Christmas (you get to open packages - not knowing what's inside).
  We say it's more like Easter (an Easter egg hunt gone horribly wrong - never finding what you want).

Oh, and what's been said about housing prices in California is true and then some. We're going to have to sell our place in the San Francisco Bay area for one-third the price we could have gotten two years ago.

  We're moving back to Ohio.
On May 20th, Steve accepted a job offer from an aerospace/defense company in southwestern Ohio.

While we're moving, every effort will be made to complete our current orders.
Once we complete moving, building stock for Dragon*Con will take priority.
So, please bear with us, we won't be accepting custom orders until after Labor Day.

2008.03.11 - MUCH REJOICING - Cheryl is no longer borg.
  An independent urologist has confirmed the January surgery "looks good".
Cheryl had to endure the catheter for nearly four weeks (not to mention that it clogged-up and had to be replaced at three weeks in). There was a lot of apprehension and several doctor visits to confirm things are on-track.

She's now able to sit at the sewing machine and she's busy building stock for Norwescon. See ya there.

  Cheryl's back from her third round of surgery today. Four hours under the knife and five hours in recovery marked the start of six days / five nights in the hospital.
The staples come out in a week, and the foley/catheter goes away two weeks later.

Schedule still looks good for Norwescon. See ya.

2008.01.05 - UPDATE - CHERYL STILL NOT UP TO 100%
  Monday, Jan.7th, they remove the "foley" (catheter and collection bag). Before that, the "wound-vac" was her little bionic buddy for most of October and November. It's taken them twelve (12) weeks to realize they perforated her bladder. Cheryl has had to endure this latest indignity for the last 2 and a half weeks (to give the badder wall time to heal after they stitched it up on Dec.19).
  "What a wonderful Yule/Christmas gift!, we can put that right up there with the sour persimmons, cuz."
Makes one think there's a reason they call it "practicing medicine" (doesn't seem to be a performing art).

Our apologies that things have slowed her progress on orders recently. Again, Thanks for your patience.

We just got word that we've been accepted into Norwescon this year. See you there.

2007.11.18 - CHERYL'S BACK - BUT STILL NOT UP TO 100%
  Cheryl got to leave the hospital after just over eight days. Fortunately, there weren't any malignancies. But, it took a nearly week until she was to able to keep down any solid food.

Orders are now being accepted, and she's started work on a couple orders.
Thanks for your patience.
  We may be low on stock, but we're still going to Loscon later this week. See you there.

   (medical reasons)
Cheryl is going into surgery during the last week of September. A recently discovered lump the size of a tennis ball on one ovary and some fibroids on the uterus need to be removed. So far, the test don't indicate any malignancies, but Cheryl is going to be out of commission for most of October. Full recovery is expected to take about 8 weeks.
   We still expect to be at Loscon. See you soon.
2007.02.08 - METALLIC LIGHT GREEN IS BACK!!! - (networking works, or, it pays to advertise)
  To our surprise, we were recently contacted by Edley Associates, Inc. ( seeking a buyer for some of their over-stock. Happily, they were offering some fabrics we desperately needed.
   We now have a stock of not only the light green metallic (they called it "kelly"), but also a nice metallic orange/copper, irridescent white (we had just run out), metallic purple, and some other colors we'll put up on the fabrics page soon.
2005.11.11 - confirming for holiday shoppers: Phoenix (firebird) and Polaris (icebird) are now available.
   Soft sculpture page has been updated.
2005.10.02 - At conventions with the kids:
breakfastBREAKFAST AT ALLIES - Dragon*Con 2005

In same hotel as the Dealers Room, the Marriot Marquis, we were joined for breakfast by our friend John.

dinnerDINNER AT SPENCERS - BayCon 2005

Spencer's is in the convention hotel, the Doubletree. Remarkably, on the left is a piece of apple pie
-nearly 3 inches thick (good steaks, too).

2005.02.08 - updated Contact/Ordering page with detailed ordering sequence.
2005.01.30 - what's in a name? - moved to dotv notes page.
2004.12.31 - first draft of what's in a name? posted.
Updated the use of Gylarian on the website.
2004.02.08 - BRONZE IS BACK!!! We've procured a stock of bronze metallic lame and vinyl.
   We now have all the Pern firelizard colors (gold, bronze, brown, blue, and green).
2004.02.06 - Post FurtherConfusion update - we're signed up for FC2005.
   Added Leopard, Bobcat/Lynx, and Skunk to Anthropomorphics.
2003.12.07 - Post Loscon update - we're signed up for Loscon 2004.
   A few weeks ago we updated the Dragon of the Valkyr page and renamed it to Comics etc
2003.10.01 - Cleanup and touchups to Home, Sculpture, Artprint, and Contact pages.
2003.09.06 - Post Dragon*Con update - we're signed up for Dragon*Con 2004.
      Anthropomorphs incorporated into the soft-sculpture pages, minor retouches to Artprint page.
      Adjusted pricing on Hatchling Dragons, Small Wyverns, and Anthropomorphics.
2003.08.23 - NEW PRICING - after Dragon*Con there will be some price increases.
      Beginning 9/02, Hatchling Shoulder Dragons and Small Wyverns will be $30.00
2003.08.16 - structural rebuild of most of the website
2003.05.01 - New to the Soft Sculpture line: Anthropomorphics
      FIRST PROTOTYPES AVAILABLE: 2003-Apr-25 [wolf, fox, lion, and griffin]
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